The Libertarian Party of Oakland County

Location of Oakland county

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Oakland County affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The affiliate is recognized by the state and national Libertarian Party organizations and exists to help collaborative activism and candidacy at the local level, in and near our county. We often participate in outreach efforts of neighboring county affiliates in an effort to promote the ideas of liberty all over southeast Michigan and metro Detroit. Our affiliate currently meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month. For details about our next scheduled meeting, please take a look at our events page.

Are you a libertarian?

Do you know what it means to be a libertarian? Do you hold to the ideals that align with the libertarian philosophy? If you believe government is too big and intrusive, freedoms are being limited far too much, and taxes are out of control, you are aligned with the principles of libertarianism and might find you are a great fit for the Libertarian Party. If you want to understand more about the party and what we believe, please visit our information page for access to a few short videos and a quiz that can help you see where you fall on the spectrum of libertarian philosophy.